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5 Ultimate Tips for Finding the Best Microblading in DC

Once you’ve set your mind on getting your eyebrows microbladed, choosing the right artist is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are many factors you should take into consideration, as the wrong choice doesn’t only condemn you to up to 18 months of unsatisfactory eyebrows, it could potentially endanger your health.

Before finally settling on an artist, keep reading for a foolproof formula for finding the best microblading in DC.

Study the Artist’s Portfolio

Each PMU artist has their own aesthetic. Although the final result of microblading is a fuller brow arch, artists have different ways of achieving it. Some artists that do microblading in DC have perfected their own spin offs, like the BeautyBoss’s signature bespoke fluffy microblading, along with other similar PMU brows treatments for fabulous brows.

It’s important that the final result suits your overall style, so before you book an appointment, look through the portfolio of the artist you’re considering, and their social media. Before & after photos are especially telling of the artist’s skill and if they’re not flaunting their work, that could be a red flag.

The best way to decide if an artist’s style will suit you is to look for examples of their work on clients that have a similar face shape and hair color as you. One thing to keep in mind, though, is to look for photos of healed work, as all freshly done brows look fabulous, but real skill only shows about 30 days later.

Best microblading in DC

Read Their Reviews

When looking for the best microblading service in DC, previous clients’ experience is a great source of information. On the artist’s website and social media, look for comments and reviews that reflect on the cleanliness and hygiene of the PMU clinic, the artist’s professionality, skill, approachability and friendliness, as well as the overall experience.

According to numerous 5-star reviews, Celebrity Beauty Advisor Marie Hal is one of the best artists that offers microblading in the DC area.

Choose an Artist Trained at a Renowned Academy

First thing’s first – never go to an uncertified artist. Chances are you won’t just end up with a botched job; an untrained hand can cause permanent damage in the form of scarring to your skin.

Artists trained at renowned academies may charge a bit more, but their prices are more than justified. As part of their training, they learn the theory necessary for keeping you safe and healthy during the procedure, and they get a whole lot of practice on props and live models.

As many clients and artists will agree, the best microblading in the Washington DC area is done by PhiAcademy certified experts. Phi certified artists don’t only keep up with all the current trends in permanent makeup – they make them. 

When creating your perfect personalized brows, they rely on the Color Theory and the Golden Ratio, which guarantee the most natural and flattering results for your facial features, skin type and hair color.

Make Sure Your Artist Uses High Quality Products

Just as important as the artist’s skill are the supplies they use.

The quality of the tools can greatly affect the artist’s precision. Since the pigments are injected directly into the skin during permanent makeup procedures, it’s of the utmost importance that they’re high quality and standardized so they wouldNT contain any allergants

The formulation of the pigments can also affect the look of the results in the long run. Low quality formulas tend to fade into unattractive hues and can cause pigment migration which leads to a smudged, sloppy look.

Feel free to inquire about the brands and even the ingredients in the products used at the microblading clinic.

Book a Free Consultation

Finally, the best way to definitely decide if an artist is the right choice for you is to book a consultation appointment. A professional, reliable artist will take the time to explain the process, listen to your ideas and concerns, and give you honest and objective advice. If they don’t, they’re not the right choice.

By meeting your potential artist before the actual procedure, you can check if they are responsible and professional enough for you to put your brows into their hands, and if they’re friendly enough to spend the 2-3 hours of the procedure with. Remember, you should enjoy the whole experience, not just the results!

At the BeautyBoss Clinic, the 30-minute consultation where all your questions will be answered is free of charge.

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