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FluffyBrows® by beautyboss not only adds shape, definition and creates brows that work perfectly with your unique facial feature, it can also lift your brows giving you a higher arch that instantly lift the eyes to gve you a youthfull, awake and refreshed look

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Marie Hal ensures to personally offer the initial complementary consultation to all prospective clients. We understand the procedure can be daunting and we want to make sure all our clients feel comfortable with their decision.

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Why Choose

FluffyBrows® ?

Our signature FluffyBrows® is the latest and most natural and Hyperrealism microblading technique.

Every Stroke Mimimcs Nature’s grace. Seamlessly Blending with your own hair. Cannot spot the difference between natural hairs and Microblading.

Give your brows the fluffy boost! FluffyBrows® are our Trademarked bespoke signature microblading technique which became a massive trend among our clients today. The difference from the Classic microblading is creations of fuller, fluffier, and feathery brows.


FluffyBrows® Microblading

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