Get the chance to learn microblading from top experts in Maryland Get BeautyBoss Certification.

microblading training Washington DC


Get the chance to learn microblading from top experts in Washington DC – Get BeautyBoss Certification.


BeautyBoss Microblading Academy is proud to offer you the best permanent makeup courses in Maryland DMV area.

If you want to become a microblading Artist or to Master any other PMU skill, learn from the best.
BeautyBoss is renowned to offer best live microblading permanent makeup training courses in Maryland DMV area.

Learn microblading in Maryland.

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Beauty Boss microblading training is a 2-day event, where the students become familiar with practice and basic problems of the technique and skin. The training continues through the online learning, with the 3 months of online support and communication with the Academy.

On the first day, students cover the theoretical part. It focuses on skin problems, post-treatment care, pigments, shape, symmetry, etc. It is important to get to know different skin types and conditions and situations when it is impossible to perform the treatment.

The practical part consists of the practice on live models. Students fill in the strokes drawn by the Trainer, so there is a minimal chance of making a mistake. They get advised how to properly hold the instruments, map the brows and perform the treatment. Practicing on real people is important, because students learn the right pressure, so they don’t go too deep or too shallow, for the proper pigment retention.

After the training, students continue to learn and practice via online support. They submit their work to be checked and need to pass 10 levels to obtain a certificate. Average time needed for obtaining the Certificate is between 2 and 3 months. The students spend about 100 hours practicing during this time.

Certified students will be granted BeautyBoss certification upon completion of all the course levels

Microblading Training in Maryland

Microblading Training Maryland


• Hygiene
• Introduction to Microblading
• Eyebrows shapes
• Color theory
• Microblading steps
• After-care
• Final results
• Patterns
• Dermatology
• Strokes and skin
• Shape and symmetry
• Stroke patterns
• Practice on Live model
• Color Boost and touch up process

In Class Experience

During the live training students are in class working directly with BeautyBoss Certified Trainer. Classes consist of direct instruction, observation and closely guided skill building practice. Students build confidence and gain tools to master the new skills

Live Demonstrations

Students will closely observe the Trainer demonstrating the right technique. Students will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible and learn by sharing there concerns with the Trainer directly

Practice on Live Models

Each Students will have the opportunity to practice on live models under strict trainer supervision with guided support. Each student will get his/her own time practicing under the trainer guidance. This is essential part of the 2 -days live training

3 Month Online Support

Once you complete the live microblading training at BeautyBoss, you won’t be left alone to figure out now what ! Mastering microblading requires a lot of practice, time and without proper guidance you will not be able to achieve intended result. BeautyBoss provides 3 month of online support and direct communication and mentoring by your Trainer.

microblading training maryland

Special Free Course


Free manual and machine shading course included. Microblading is a great technique however on certain skins and clients, microblading will not give the fulness required in the eyebrows. This is why we believe that shading is essential and we do provide this free training during our basic microblading 2 days live course. Choose the best microblading training in Washington DC

Microblading Training Kit


Every student will receive a Phibox  Microblading Kit. This kit is intended for up to 30 clients, and will serve you both during the training session, as well as in later practice and work.

• 2x Phibrows Brown 1 SUPE Pigment 5 ml
• 2x Phibrows Brown 2 SUPE Pigment 5 ml
• 2x Phibrows Brown 3 SUPE Pigment 5 ml
• 1x Phibrows Universal Holder Silver
• 1x Phibrows Golden ratio Divider
• 1x Phibrows Drawgin Pencil Set (2pcs)
• Skin Candy (20 pcs)
• Practising Lates printed shape and outlines (3pcs)
• PhiBlade U 304 Stainless Steel 0.18 (30 pcs)



microblading training Washington DC

July 2021
Microblading Training Maryland

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