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Super Natural Brows - What we are famous for

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Natural is Our Specialty

For bookings
📞 301-909-3336
📧 info@BeautyBossUS.com

For trainings
📞 202-599-0921
📧 training@MarieHal.com

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Before with makeup, Before with no makeup, and after our Most Natural Microblading technique #BoldBrows

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Healed ✨

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @christinathompsontv !!! A true beauty inside and out, sending you lots of love and may all your beauty dreams come true this year ❤️ ...

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Tomorrow is the day to crown the next Miss Maryland USA 🇺🇸 and Miss Maryland Teen USA 🇺🇸 @MissUSA @missteenusa @missmdusa @missmdteenusa

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow ❤️

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Shape. Define. LIFT!⠀⠀
Not only add shape and definition, creating brows that work perfectly with your unique facial features, it can also lift the brows in a very Natural way !⠀⠀
Building a higher arch to give this beautiful client a more lifted, youthful appearance.⠀⠀

#BeautyBossUsa #Boldbrows #phibrows

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BoldBrows - The Most Natural Fluffy looking Eyebrows #BeautyBoss #BoldBrows #Phibrows ...

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I am more than thrilled to announce this new milestone! I am now a Master Boldbrows Trainer with The Biggest Beauty ACADEMY in the world @phiacademy

Thank you for the incredible @grand_master_megy for making this dream a reality. Thank you for being your amazing self. This could have never been possible without you! I am forever in awe of how incredibly strong, supportive, and glamorous you are.

@branko_babic_phiacademy - I would like to Thank You for trusting in me. I assure you that I will put all my skills and talents to good use and do great work as per the ACADEMY principles. You set the bar really high!

#phiacademy #phibrows #boldbrows

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Super Natural ✨ #BeautyBosdUsa ...

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FluffyBrows® by BeautyBoss not only give you a fuller, fluffier look! A higher arch that instantly lifts the eye can be created to give you a youthful, awake and refreshed look. ⠀#BeautyBossUsa #BoldBrows #Phibrows ...

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Super Natural FluffyBrows® #BoldBrows #BeautyBossUsa ...

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Our Semi-Permanent techniques can be the best solution to enhance your look. Our client requested a bolder brows look.
The treatment will give beautiful and more symmetrical brows that achieves the perfect shape for your face features! While adding a more awake and lifted eyes.

#BeautyBoss #BoldBrows #Phibrows

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Wakeup with eyebrows that you love everyday #BeautyBossUsa #BoldBrows #Phibrows ...

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Full & Fluffy Healed Brows

Natural is our Specialty

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We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only beautiful but SAFE treatments

We’ve been getting many queries about Permanent Concealer/Foundation treatment, We don’t provide this service and we don’t recommend you getting it done.

The titanium dioxide found in skin-toned camouflage tattoo pigment is not suitable for covering the under-eye circles. It does not age well and can leave a yellow/white residual as it fades with time, which starts to look like it is sitting on the surface of the skin. Unfortunate results cannot be removed by laser tattoo removal when high amounts of titanium are present in the pigment, as it can turn black. Unlike Microblading or other Permanent Makeup treatments offered at our clinic, the ink used for Permanent Concealer is actually permanent and will not fade over time like Semi-Permanent Makeup pigments will.

Everyone should be educated about the long-term effects of tattooing under-eye circles or stretch marks.


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Creating realistic hair strokes from root to tip to give you the perfect brows #BeautyBossUsa ...

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A Natural FluffyBrows® and A Brow Lift.. our most popular request! ...

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