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Getting you the latest PMU techniques!

@phicontour_kerstin_thorsten Two of the greatest PMU icons

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PhiAcademy Headquarters Belgrade - Biggest Beauty Academy in the World @branko_babic_phiacademy ...

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Freckles are small spots on skin that range in color from red to brown.

Skin with Freckles is a direct indication that the skin is prone to hyperpigmentation.

That means the color heals darker.

Pro Advice : Lighter tone pigment is recommended for this skin type. Due to stronger concentration of melatonin in the skin its always safer to start with a lighter tone.


For services
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For trainings
📞 202-599-0921
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Natural is our specialty ...

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Biggest Event of the Year !

For the 1st time in the USA ! 2 of the Best Microblading BoldBrows Masters Join forces to bring you the unique opportunity and best Microblading Masterclass. Unbeatable value and once in a lifetime experience!

With an amazing track record in Spain and Brazil Master Nereu Matias @masternereumatias after having taught thousands of Microblading Artists worldwide, Joins Master Marie Hal @mastermariehal in USA to bring an unforgettable Phibrows BoldBrows  Microblading Training event.

The same great Benefits of the BoldBrows training delivered in 3 languages: English Spanish & Portuguese
• 2 Days Live Event (complete theory, video demonstration, practical training)
• Work on live model, while being supervised
• 6 months of online support via Craft Master app
• Daily mentorship, and support
• Premium Started kit ($1200 value)
• International PhiAcademy Certificate
• International guests
• Guest Speakers

!! No Experience Needed !!
* Spots are limited *

25/26 NOVEMBER, 2022
📍 Washington DC, USA 🇺🇸

For more information
📞 202-599-0921

📞 +34 690 94 19 91

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Eyebrow positioning is essential to achieve the best long term results. Microblading should blend in with the natural hair growth location in order to have the most natural look for your face

For services
📞 301-909-3336
📧 info@BeautyBossUS.com

For trainings
📞 202-599-0921
📧 training@MarieHal.com

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Many factors affect the success of microblading treatments. Your client’s skin type is a major one!

Skin type plays a major role in how Microblading will heal and how will eventually fade over time.

Every skin type has to be treated using the adequate technique in order to achieve the best healed result.

The stroke heals thicker on some skin types therefore I recommend spacing out the strokes. If you want to achieve fuller look brows on this type of skin shading can be added rather than adding additional strokes and mini strokes in between.

Still confused about what technique to use and how to achieve the best results for your clients skin type. Comment here or DM your client’s photo for recommendations.

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Amazing Student Testimonial (in spanish)

" For all people looking to grow in the Beauty career my name is Tania and I am very happy for taking this course - I 100% recommend this academy , come in and chase your dreams and get to know this Academy. Do not let the language barrier stop you from taking the class with The Best. Highly recommended Master and Training. “
(Translations available)

Tania - Thank you so much for your honest and genuine feedback !

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Microblading on mature skin is quite specific and requires special attention and experience:

can be done in a laydown position however, the brows should always be checked and adjusted in a sitting position. As we age the skin loses firmness and becomes loser therefore following the facial features in a sitting position is imperative.

Mature skin tends to hold color better after healing, therefore a lighter color should always be used in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Mature skin is thinner than younger skin therefore lower blading pressure should be applied to reach the required depth of blading.

Skin Stretching
Skin stretching should done in smaller patterns than on younger skin and maximum stretching should be applied to achieve the best results.
Seasoned and experienced artist should be familiar with the different skin types and requirements and should adopt the adequate process for every skin type.

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These are my ladies!

We ONLY use the highest quality and the safest Permanent Makeup Pigments and Tools.

Designed based on many years of RESEARCH and proven to deliver exceptional, predictable, long-lasting results that fade without colour change

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Healed Microbladed Eyebrows before

Microblading is a 2 step process, after 4-6 weeks of your initial procedure, your skin will be completely healed. The touch up corrects any irregularities in the microbladed hair strokes, color tones and finishes the process. Without it, the results will not be optimal.

Performing the right Touch up process is crucial, As an artist, you have to fill in only the strokes that are lighter or completely faded and you can add new ones if needed to complete the look. You don't have to go over each stroke

Everyone's result will vary due to skin type, lifestyle and the initial 10 day care and longterm care of your microbladed brows.

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BoldBrows Microblading Training - Washington DC, USA 🇺🇸

Learn from the best in the industry, using the very best equipment to give you the experience, knowledge and skills that will set you apart from your competitors.

This course is designed for beginners, new artists, or artists who are looking to elevate their skills.

We focus equally on theory, technique and practical skill set, providing you with the knowledge and equipment you need to kick-start your career and become a confident Microblading Artist.

For more details
📞 202-599-0921
📧 training@MarieHal.com

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A complete look transformation by enhancing the natural shape of the brow, making the eye area appear more lifted and sculpted.

To book an appointment
📞 301-909-3336
📧 info@BeautyBossUS.com

To learn the technique
📞 202-599-0921
📧 training@MarieHal.com

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We specialize in The Most Natural Microblading technique, and it’s almost impossible to distinguish our Hairstroke Brows from the real one! We create wispy realistic hair strokes amongst your natural hair - It doesn’t matter if you have lots or none at all! - to give you a fuller defined brow in a shape that suits your unique facial features

For treatments
📞 301-909-3336
📧 info@BeautyBossUS.com

For trainings
📞 202-599-0921
📧 training@MarieHal.com

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Fluffy BoldBrows #FluffyBrows #BoldBrows #Phibrows ...

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BoldBrows with Shading #BeautyBossUsa #BoldBrows #Phibrows #phiacademy ...

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2 days event that will change your life forever #PhiAcadmey #BoldBrows #Phibrows ...

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Natural is Our Specialty #FluffyBrows #PhiBrows #BoldBrows ...

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